7 World Famous Architecture

An amazing architecture is an eye candy and at the very same time leaves us in awe and amazement. As a non-professional, it is very tough to understand the architectural design but no one can deny the fact, these are amazing as they add beauty to our world. People wish to see all the amazing wonders and it is a dream for some people to visit all the amazing sights. Some people want to become architectures and some of the world-famous designs can become their inspiration.


Given below are some of the world famous architectures:


  1. The Dome Of The Rock At Jerusalem

Dating back to the 7th century this world-famous architecture is at Jerusalem. Caliph Abdul Malik originally built the Dome of the Rock but Suleiman made additions to it in 1561. It is a sight worth seeing, as there are Persian tiles, which display a beautiful view at exterior while marble slabs make the interior amazing.  If you’re touring here, you may get sunburned. Read our article on natural skin lightening body lotion to get back your fair skin after the trip!


  1. La Pedrera at Barcelona


In 1984, this particular building was recognized a World Heritage by UNESCO. It is remarkable and while standing in the street it makes one feel to be a part of some dream. It is a remarkable creation by Antoni Gaudi.


  1. One World Trade Centre at New York


This building stands fourth among the tallest skyscrapers in the world and is the hard work of David M Childs. The building’s construction had begun in 2006 however; it reached completion in 2013. The height of this remarkable architecture design is 541 m.


  1. The Roman Aqueducts at Italy


This marvelous wonder dates back to 145 B.C. and is a remarkable work of the ancient Romans. The resources were limited in those times and considering this fact this seems like a fascinating construction.


  1. The Petronas Towers at Kuala Lumpur


A team of talented individuals including JC Guinto, the consultant, Deejay Cerico the engineer, Dominic Saibo the designer, and architects Cesar Pelli and Achmad Murdijat are responsible for these amazing towers. The height of these towers is 170 meters and from 1998 to 2004, these two were the world tallest buildings.


  1. The Famous White House at Washington


Who don’t know about the White House, almost everyone does. The architect who designed this famous building was James Hoban. The building came to completion in 1801 and took eight years since 1793.


  1. The Leaning Tower Of Pisa at Italy


There is a controversy as to who is the real architect behind this famous tower. Two considerations include architect Diotisalvi and the artist Bonanno. However, it took 300 years in the completion of the building. It started in 1773. The most remarkable thing about this famous architectural design is its leaning position and once a person is inside the tower it feels as if everything is quite tilting towards a certain angle. It is a remarkable sight for anyone who wants to become an architect in future so; they construct a building with a lot of attention and care. Leaning Tower of Pisa is an amazing exception, as nobody would pass a leaning design.